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[PS3][转载] 神秘海域2 杂志图+自己翻译+延伸+更多杂志图放出_PS3游戏_游戏资讯_玩家

导读:一期 Game Informer 上的 神秘海域2 图片 Looks amazing so far. Day 1 buy. Some bulletpoints: - The biggest thing in the article IMO is that there#39;s a new girl named Chloe Frazer. GI asked about Elena and Sully#39;s return but they had

一期 Game Informer 上的 神秘海域2 图片

Looks amazing so far. Day 1 buy.

Some bulletpoints:

- The biggest thing in the article IMO is that there#39;s a new girl named Chloe Frazer. GI asked about Elena and Sully#39;s return but they had no comment.

- The story is about looking for the ships that Marco Polo lost while returning home to Italy.

- Melee combat is more dynamic now.

- They mentioned they were using only 30% of the PS3#39;s power with Drake#39;s Fortune and are planning to use nearly 100% with Among Thieves.

- A demo was shown to GI with Drake going through a city (I believe in Nepal), and he#39;s stealthily taking out guards and escaping the city.

- Nolan North returns to be Drake and Chloe Frazer is played by Claudia Black (Stargate SG-1, Fargate).

- The Sixaxis mechanics were ditched for such things as throwing grenades.

- One of the weapons revealed is a rocket launcher that Chloe uses (might only be for the cinematic).

- There are no load screens.

- The score is being composed by Greg Edmonson (same guy from the first one).

- Weapons can be used in any stance (running, behind cover, hanging, climbing a wall, etc.).

- You can now move while aiming behind cover.


- I#39;m not sure how to explain this one so this is what it says:

In Uncharted 2, every character fully interacts with the dynamic geometry moving around them, and environments in the background are real parts of the game world

If Drake#39;s on top of a train, he#39;s going to be shaking with the train as it moves around

As he gets inside, his moveset is going to change, and he#39;s going to be a lot more secure because the wind#39;s not blowing.

- The graphics look better than Uncharted 1.

- Button sequence cinematics such as the final boss have changed so now Drake is now fully controllable in these parts...I think (This one#39;s also hard to describe).

- Climbing seems improved upon. You can climb lamp posts now among other new things.

- If there is an enemy patrolling a rooftop you#39;re climbing a wall to, you can pull him off the roof while hanging on the wall.


- 有新人物登场,Chloe Frazer,前作的 Elena 和 Sully 不确定是否会在本作中出现

- 本作故事主要讲 寻找马可波罗当年返回意大利途中“丢失”的船

- 近身格斗更加灵活

- 前作只发挥了PS3 30%的机能,本作目标是发挥PS3 100%的机能

- DEMO展示的是一段Drake逃离城市(可能是尼泊尔),以及Drake悄悄放到敌亾

- 本作Drake的配音仍是Nolan North,Chloe Frazer的声优是Claudia Black

- 六轴仍然是用于控制丢手雷的抛物线

- 视频中出现了火箭筒(不过可能只会出现在动画中)

- 无读盘画面

- 本作音乐仍是由Greg Edmonson负责

- 人物在任何状态下都可使用武器(比如 跑动中,掩体后边,悬挂,攀爬)

- 人物在掩体后瞄准时可以移动


- “在2中,人物更完全的融合到动态的环境中”



- 2的画面比1看起来要强

- QTE改了,比如终BOSS,本作中这部分能由玩家控制(这里不太好翻译,不知道changed到底改了多少,改成怎么样)

- 提升了攀爬,比如可以爬灯柱等

- 如果有敌人在房顶,玩家可以爬在墙上把敌人拉下房顶

PS. 看到众饭对100%机能战得欢,自己翻了下ND小组以前的一段访谈录,他们对于100%机能的看法真的是非常有趣,转过来和大家分享(原文点这里)

Q) What percent of the PS2’s power are you using?

A) People think of systems as glasses and ask: “how full is the glass”. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. Any developer who gives you a “percent of system used” answer is blowing smoke. The truth is that every developer uses 100% of the systems power on every game. Some just get more out of that 100% than others. And game after game, we ALL get more out of systems than we did on the previous title. Think of it this way. If the system is a glass, some developers pour in rocks till the glass overflows and then call it quits. They would claim that they use 100% of the systems space. And it is true that no more rocks fit. Some will even put in a rock too many and the game plays slow or runs funny. But there is still some space left for smarter developers. They pour pebbles into the cracks left by the rocks, and they get more into the glass. Then they call it 100% full. But some Developers will then pour in sand, to fill the cracks between the pebbles. They get even more out of the system, yet it is still just 100% full. Some developers go the extra distance, and they pour in water. Then the glass is truly full, right? Sure, but just for this title, because some of the rocks can be replaced with pebbles that do the same thing, if you work hard at it. And some of the pebbles can be made into sand. And some sand can be pressed to water. No developer ever gets a glass filled with only water, no developer has that much time, so no developer truly fills the glass. We just get more and more out of the 100%.




众饭继续战吧 [s:247]

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